Facebook help.....

    HI, thought this would be worth a go!!

    i need to contact the facebook team as my account password has been changed by them as i had a virus but the registered email address is an old work one which i have no access to. This is apparantly a common problem and they have a section in their help guide on this with an email address/link to send a message to them and they will return to your new email address and verify you are who you sy you are. Anyway i have today sent my 27 email over 6 weeks with no reply??!!?"??!?!?

    Any thoughts what I can do? I have tried the other contact email addresses with no joy...

    Help greatly appriciated!


    Use it as a means of overcoming your addiction to Facebook!!!! :thumbsup::whistling:


    Original Poster

    good advise!!! ;-)


    good advise!!! ;-)

    Always pleased to be of assistance. :-D

    Sack that 'account' off & set up a new one? Seems to be the popular way to go....

    im waiting to hear back from them myself in regards to my account
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