Found 24th Sep 2009
I need to get a video off a profile on facebook.

Basically it is a birthday party and the clip is to be played on a big screen.

I have never really used facebook, but my son has a profile and the person who has the video on there profile is on "his list"... Whatever that means..?

Is it easily done??? Just want to save it and play back through media player or something as the venue does not have internet access???

Please help....

p.s. They also may have the video on youtube, but I can not find it..

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If you click on it it should tell you if/where its on you tube

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Ahh, ok. Can I download it from utube then???



Ahh, ok. Can I download it from utube then???

some things only god can answer

for everything else theres google

use to download from youtube - just plaste the link in and select to save as wmv file and it will email when its ready to download. its also free.

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It did not work.....

In facebook, I see no link to youtube. They are the persons videos on their profiles.

Can't appear to get the clip of a facebook profile??
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