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Found 22nd Jan
When looking at items on Facebook Market Place how do you see questions from other people ... say like Shpock shows

Does Market Place show previous messages
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I've never seen replies or messages from others. It's all done outside of marketplace via messages
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oli_wal45 m ago

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Avoid its full of scammers......you’ve been warned.....have a nice day
Edited by: "cmdr_elito" 22nd Jan
Facebook Marketplace privacy regulations are the reason why you cannot see questions or messages. Facebook trialled a commenting section to begin with, however it proved unfair and unsafe for the seller. Messages are better and secure, but to give you an idea of the level of interest in an item there is a "Viewed by ? people" indicator. I hope this helps!

I've heard that Shpock may introduce a messaging system, due to safety of the seller; there was a report about a theft last year where a seller was hand delivering an item to the successful buyers home, but another person interested followed the seller using the message trail and robbed the seller in broad-daylight.

Please be safe using any Marketplaces!
cmdr_elito5 h, 49 m ago

Avoid its full of scammers......you’ve been warned.....have a nice day

I've sold and bought plenty off Facebook Market place.
Not encountered a scammer at all.

How many scammers have you come across?

Facebook market place is all done via messages/inbox.
It's a rather poor platform in quality though.

Usually the location of the seller is way off, sometimes my gps location could be set to 200 miles away for no reason. It's the same for others.

Once listing an item, editing the information can be restricting (sometimes you can't edit anything or add new photos).

But the major issue with the platform is the community. Either have people set up deals to then they go quiet. Seller's listing good deals and never replying (even though you get the seen icon for a read message).
The lack of leaving feedback, be it positive or negative is a huge issue.

It needs improving to the level of Sphock imo.
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