Posted 18th Jun 2022 (Posted 16 h, 32 m ago)
So because of the problems trying to sell high value items on eBay, I thought I would try Facebook marketplace, within 2-hours I had an enquiry all was going well, until she suggested ,her cousin would come and pick it up,
I said I would think about it, and get back to her, I've checked her profile her profile, it is good matches her picture she has been a member for at least a year has a number of friends so it all looks good.
Unless her account has been hijacked hence, sending someone else to come and collect the high value item.
I obviously would be meeting up in a public place and accepting cash only. The reason she wants to send her cousin is because he lives near to me she said.
People's thoughts please.
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    What do you think the scam is?

    Replying to

    Fake bank notes , most common scam they use fake banking app that shows they sent payment and pressure you to give the item.

    Never meet at your home, seen story’s that they claim to have send payment, and won’t leave till you give the items and threaten you with calling cousins/friends over if you don’t. (edited)
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    Unknown if this particular contact is a scam, but they usually start by someone wanting to buy item, but they are abroad, in the army, unable to travel etc and they will send a friend / relative / courier to collect.
    They pay via paypal or bank transfer etc and then the item is collected.
    After that the payment either turns out to be fake or is real, but recalled because it was unauthorised / hijacked etc.
    If your item is so good it 'sold' in 2 hours, then there will be plenty of normal buyers waiting to buy it.
    Yes I've had that one on eBay, and the usual PayPal trick.
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    There could be many reasons why they want to send someone else to pick it up.
    Maybe they are not comfortable meeting a stranger, maybe they are worried about the item you are selling and the cousin knows more, maybe they are just at work or unable to make the meeting for some other reason, maybe it’s actually the cousin buying your item its just they dont have an account.
    The bottom line is if you are not comfortable with the arrangement then dont do it.
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    I have sold a few things where their friend has picked up.

    Headphones outside a tube station and pc collected from my house

    If you have a good rapport with them and cash on collection then all fine.

    Appreciate concerns over fake cash... And also dodgy bank apps.

    But otherwise fine for me
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    If its a phone/tablet/laptop etc then just sell it to CEX. Yes you won't get as much as you'd like but then you also won't get scammed. It's not worth the hassle of selling high value items on ebay/shpock/Facebook as theres too many scammers around.
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    She has now said she will do the bank transfer,
    I said I'm not sure about the bank transfer and I don't trust PayPal she's telling me that they are both trustworthy
    If I was meeting her in person it would be fine
    What I will do later today it's ok can we do a video chat, if she is the person that matches the picture then I think it should be fine,
    But if she has the money in the bank to do the transfer then they can quite easily draw out of the cash machine can't they
    If not I will just block them and move on
    Even better if you can meet them at the cash machine and do it all in one …. No fake notes either
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    On gumtree my customer gave me fake notes but that was 4 years ago and it was my sons phone too! He was well aware and blamed bank for giving him fake notes
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    This also happens to me each time i post an item , and most of the scams start by them saying someone will pick it up for me a courier or a relative.If someone is buying an item its most likely they would come themselves and see the item theyre buying! Personally i block/ and ignore any of those requests because even if the account looks legit, uk based with profile picture it could have been hacked into or even made that profile just for scamming purposes! Eventually u will find an honest buyer and u can easily tell when theyre genuine! Just go with ur instincts it always works for me
    Thank you yes I am suspicious when she says that her cousin will come and pick it up. She is supposed to be in the same location as me so I don't understand it.
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    Go with your thoughts and don’t meet.

    If you really want to check/confirm identity, arrange a video call. I was looking for a ps5 and everyone selling it cheaper then RRP seemed dodgey and newish Facebook members
    Good idea
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    Definitely a hijacked account, just had the supposed woman come back to me she said the reason she cannot collect it herself is because she's not around
    Therefore her cousin will collect it from me in a public place as agreed
    I asked her how I would get paid, PayPal
    I'm thinking this is definitely a scam.
    I'm thinking her Facebook account has been hijacked.
    I always ensure I remind any potential buyer after the initial 'is this item still available' message that my item is cash on collection from "insert 1st 3 digits of postcode' this normally weeds out the scammers from the outset, saves a bit of time/hassle/worry.
    If they continue with any PayPal/courier collection/postage requests I ignore them. (edited)
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    What about the replies that say is it this item with a link, my son told me that that was a scam reply, never clicked the link but I get this as almost the first reply every time I’ve ever posted an item for sale on FB Marketplace. (edited)
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    I would just go with your gut feeling.
    If something doesn't feel right, walk away.
    Personally I prefer ebay to Facebook. Only past month been selling on Facebook. I had someone drive 2 hours each way to collect item £250 item.
    I had someone pay via PayPal and send item to his in laws address as we both going away on hols.
    I had some loony drive 40 mins, try cash machine broken, then bank transfer pushing, in end he was making a call and drove off lol.
    Do your research, and walk away if something doesn't feel right. (edited)
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    I have another one wanting to buy my item now
    Just asked how long it would take to ship to her location.
    I'm thinking if I have bank transfer wait until the payment is in my bank and cleared I should be alright shouldn't I.

    Or should I only do cash on collection, people's thoughts please, as you can tell I'm really new to the Facebook market, I only put things up for sale yesterday, I also have the phones on eBay
    But they are not getting any attention that's why I went to Facebook

    The second person has now said they want my bank details account number sort code, name email address
    Obviously to make the payment
    I haven't given any information yet, just totally unsure
    don't ship.... cash on collection. ...
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    Have had someone try with what I think was fake cash recently. Previously had the fake bank transfer. Sorry to say, I don't think there's any safe way to do high value deals on any marketplace. As someone else said, if it's high value and you can't afford to lose the money, sell to CEX or cash converters
    I think the best thing to do is cash on collection
    If they are genuine they wouldn't mind going to the bank, and withdrawing the money in front of the person, the transaction then can be conducted inside the bank preferably with witnesses.
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    I don't drive so I get someone to pick items up for me if seller can't deliver.
    Trust your gut but could be genuine
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    I'm usually in Glasgow but here in the Highlands you have to travel a fair bit to get to places. So it's very common for people to say "My friend/relative/co-worker will pick it up, is that okay?" and it's always worked out fine.

    What I find more problematic is electronic payment/bank transfer and I always say No. I won't accept electronic payment or deliver to people (though, as ever, people tend not to read the whole advert, same as Gumtree - had someone send me a really rude message when I asked him politely to read the advert again).

    Only had one person not turn up and he's reappeared again today - I did say to him - I sent you a screenshot of the map over a month ago, and you didn't turn up!
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    The problem is the scams prevent normal people buying , I would happily arrange a courier to pick an item up and pay if the seller would pack etc but would then feel weary if the buyer wanted to do the same to me .
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    High value items seem to attract people to Whatsapp (the one I hear alllll the time is the woman who is pregnant - why she has to tell you this lord knows, a pity thing maybe - and she really, really needs the golf club set that you're advertising, haw haw).

    And you also get loads of weird dodgy text messages (I use a "different" initial on Gumtree, that's how you can tell where the scammers got your details from, because they repeat that same initial).

    I took my phone number off Gumtree for these reasons.

    Facebook Marketplace is more about locals coming to buy and collect, and it's been problem-free for me. So far. (edited)
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    Exactly this friday night, 3 lads turned up at my door.. £500 fake £20 notes - They very nearly got away Be very careful all & probably wise not to do things from your home
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    My hubbie was trying to sell a car via Marketplace, one of the potential buyers wanted to buy is super quick as he needed it for work. We checked his facebook profile and there were lots of posts about him retiring a few months back. Suffice to say he didn't get the chance to buy the car, just another scammer.
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    Thank you everyone for all your input.
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    I sold an old banger car last year and the guy offered to bank transfer me the money without even seeing the car, then someone else was going to collect it... It all sounded very suspect but in the end he came to get it, paid cash and everything was fine. Some people are just disorganised or conduct business strangely.
    In your position I would be looking for cash I think, bank transfer shouldn't be able to be reversed if you see it in your account but who knows.
    Bank transfers can be reversed I understand
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    Just burn anything you no longer need. Sorted!
    Yes, the brand new Samsung galaxy S20 phones that I have, I will now donate them to charity,
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    I have now had 3 or 4, I am now stating cash on collection that seems to deter them somewhat.
    I don't think bank transfers as a safe option it can be easily reversed.
    Mine did say cash or bank transfer that nor did 4 cctv cameras put the buggas off! I’ve been expecting them back No doubt went & scammed someone else that night
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