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Found 8th Nov 2016
I had sent a private message to someone on Facebook who I am not yet friends with using the Messenger app. I now know they have received the message and responded but I see under the message Facebook has added "Fred Bloggs has accepted your request".

Does Facebook automatically send a friend request to the person if you are sending a message to someone you are not friends with?

Weirder still I see I have also received a friends request from this person about the same time they responded.

Long and short of it ... 1) has my message triggered an automatic friends request? 2) has their response done the same?

Thanks in advance.
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Nope - your message hasn't done an auto friend request...

When you receive an unsolicited message, it asks if you want to accept it. That's all they did. THEN they added you as a friend
Usually a message sent to a non friend on FB will go to the 'other' folder. They have to accept the message to read it.
1) has my message triggered an automatic friends request? No
2) has their response done the same? No

they have just sent you one as normal
In short no. I am regularly sent messages by non-friends and it has never resulted in us becoming friends! You must have accidentally accepted a friend request at some point...
Thanks to you all who replied. After years of being relatively anti-social when it comes to FB I recently signed up so I am still getting used to all the do's and don'ts.

Nice to know I haven't sent the request in error and they have intentionally sent me the request.

Thanks again.
as far as I know it's just that you've accepted the message request from a non friend, it doesnt mean you are now friends with them, well that's what's happened to me
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