Facebook Purity - A Browser Extension that Cleans up and Customizes Facebook

    Facebook Purity aka Fluff Busting Purity, or FB Purity for short is a cool browser add-on that lets you tame the information onslaught of your Facebook homepage newsfeed.

    It does this by filtering out the application spam messages sent to your stream by silly apps like quizes and games etc, basically all application messages, except a few that are in its default whitelist. You can add applications that you do want to see to your whitelist quite easily though, in case it filters out something you do want to see.

    That alone will cut down the number of messages cluttering up your feed by a great deal, but it also lets you filter out a whole load of other message types too, such as friend a likes page b, friend a is now friends with person b, friend a updated their profile, friend a started using application b, friend a changed their location via facebook places, etc, etc, you can basically filter out all the computer generated "meta" messages, that facebook thinks you would like to see, but doesnt give you an option to filter them out.

    Another cool feature is it lets you specify your own words or phrases, that you dont want to see in your feed, so say you are really bored of people talking about Arsenal, or Liverpool, or Cheryl Cole, you can simply add those words to the Text Filter, and they will no longer pop up in your news stream.

    Other message types you can hide, tagged photos (good for hiding tag spam), photos, links, notes, events, wall posts, joined group, videos

    Yet more cool features : Hide the right hand panels on the homepage that you dont want to see, such as People You May Know, sponsored box (ads), get connected box, requests box, poke box

    And on top of that, you can also set the font size, and advanced users can even enter their own Custom CSS rules.

    Its a great browser extension, its compatible with Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera, Its very easy to use, and best of all its free! Check it out!

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