Found 23rd Jul 2010
I just went to log onto facebook & it said my account has been disabled & I had to go through a security log in before it was enabled. Then it said my email had been used 'maliciously' probably through phishing & I should change my password if I use the same password elsewhere.
I've just run ccleaner & changed all my passwords but I can't see anything on my facebook account that looks dodgy. Any ideas????

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type a fake password see whether it lets you through

happened to me. i deactivated like last year but ppl said i been back on. checked and i was!! but said they had shut it down as it was being used for phising. had to answer questions about who is this randomer in a photo from my friends list!!

is it possible to actually CANCEL your opposed to deactivate?

do you have Hotmail as well?? check that as there seems to be a trend (_;)
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