Facebook scams - BEWARE!!

    This isn't a normal scam, where they grab your details, this is where they trick users into buying products they didn't want.


    The scams are run by the companies running popular games such as mafia wars, farmville etc

    These may be american based (I'm not 100% sure but i know loads of people on here use the games).

    The main scam is on farmville, you can do a "Farmville IQ quiz" and it texts you your score, but when they text you, they automatically sign you upto a $10 a month text service. This isn't declared on the page you enter your phone #.

    These scams are relying on people not too notice. From what I have gathered it isn't illegal but it's not right

    As i said above, it may only be US based as I don't use facebook or play the games.

    I know they need to make money to pay for people to build the games but the ways they go to do this is sickening.

    Now you ask why do facebook let this carry on? These companies use their proceeds to pay for their advertisements on facebook. This then publices the games more and makes more money. Facebook let this carry on due to them milking in the money.....

    I found this online, on a reputable site,…ll/

    I will repeat once again, it may only be US based, but i do think that people need to be aware that these "offers", can be scams.

    Read the link i posted (and will post in next post too) and draw your own conclusions. These companies are making huge amounts of cash from facebook games.

    See this post on their suspected revenues…ns/.

    Unfortunately with the popularity of facebook and these games, these scams are going to keep appearing. People be aware on facebook, and other networking sites.


    I think theres been a few just lately.. that mansion one? etc.



    Oh well, never mind.

    This however is only if you participate in the "free" ways of acquiring in game "cash" e.g. Farmville cash, Godfather points.

    If you don't go for this, it's of no concern (Based on my brief scan of the doc)
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