Facebook Status Update by Text (32665) - Can You Text This From Abroad?

    As above, want to text updates to my FAcebook from Spain, can you text this number as you do in the UK or do you have to you +44 before it or use a completely different number???
    Any idea's???


    Nope, won't work abroad.

    Yes it does work, I have used it when I go on my holiday.
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    Why would you want to go on Facebook whilst on holiday? oO

    Original Poster

    So thats 1 yes and 1 no - hmmm, which is it?


    So thats 1 yes and 1 no - hmmm, which is it?

    It's a yes why don't you go on holiday and try it out, if it works (which it will) it works if not....

    or go on holiday and stay off FB



    Nope, won't work abroad.

    it will. you can text from anywhere, it'll cost whatever a normal text does from your location.
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