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    Facebook members are being advised not to install applications in their profiles after a second rogue app was spotted within a week.

    Earlier this week a message was circulated to many members claiming that their profile contained errors that needed to be fixed. In order to fix the problem, you were advised to install the Error Check System application.

    Facebook: A timeline

    A second rogue application, called 'f a c e b o o k - - closing down!!!', has now been spotted. Typically, members receive a message telling them that they have contravened the Terms of Use of the site and their account is to be closed.

    A link in the message claimed to take you to an explanation of why the account was to be closed, but actually prompted the installation of the rogue app. When installed, it sends the same message out to all of the member's friends.

    One security firm said that Facebook needed to overhaul its applications policy.

    "No-one is ultimately taking responsibility for the content or behaviour of applications such as these. Surely these two events in just a single week mean that it's about time that Facebook reviews its application hosting policy," said Trend Micro's Rik Ferguson.

    Five Facebook highlights

    "Prevention of rogue applications with extremely dubious intent to propagate freely within the site is needed," he continued.

    Sophos' Graham Cluley warned of the dangers of installing Facebook applications.

    "It sounds like this could be a new favoured trick being used by spammers and identity thieves to build up their databases of intended targets. My advice to Facebook users is to think very carefully before adding any new applications," he said.

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    thanx babe XXXX

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    thanx babe XXXX

    no probs
    hope u and the family are well, ha ha ha my little one loves ur avater and thinks its goining to eat her!!ha ha ha

    i never use facebook apps anyways, Why would install app entitled *FACEBOOK CLOSING DOWN*

    cheers for letting me know


    i never use facebook apps anyways, Why would install app entitled … i never use facebook apps anyways, Why would install app entitled *FACEBOOK CLOSING DOWN*

    Exactly, as always applying common sense will generally avoid this type of problem although I like how the blame is entirely on Facebook and not its innocent users.


    thanks xxx
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