Face/screen feel off my Apple watch...................again!!

Posted 17th Jan 2023 (Posted 11 h, 56 m ago)
A few years ago, having said that it must be almost 7 I bought an apple watch.
Series 1 Space Black Stainless Steel 42mm.
18 months after buying it, the battery started to swell and pushed the face off, literally, didn't break it or crack it, just swelled/ballooned and lifted the face/screen until it was held by a bit of glue at the top.
Contacted Apple who were very good and after a few forms and photos and sending in the defective watch, replaced the watch unit, I'd been told to keep the strap and box from the original watch.
Great, job done, all good, life goes on...................

Until last week when it became apparent that the replacement watch unit has done the same thing as the first, the battery has swollen and pushed the face off, again
Long story shorter, Apple can't do anything as it's now a "vintage" item and they don't have any parts for it anymore.
Ok, sort of, always considered the lifetime of a product to be just that, a lifetime but appreciate that we live in a disposable society and everything these days seems to have a lifetime of 10 years?
I've got watches dating back to the early 80's that still work, even battery driven ones from the 90's that work fine when you replace the battery, but I digress.

Eu law says that something only has to last 6 years, but according to Apple, that started when I bought the watch originally, not when I received the replacement, apparently??
I've argued that the replacement wasn't bought 18 months previously as the original was and it certainly shouldn't have suffered from the same issue as the first.
Seem to remember hearing about Apple watches that had this issue, but they'd corrected it??

Anyone else had a similar experience
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    Warranty lasts from the date of purchase.
    If it's the series one watch, that is a pretty old model, if they are on series 8, your model is 8 years old?

    As tech advances, apple have improved on battery and chips. That I believe they won't stock anymore parts for the older models. They most likely only sell parts as far back as the series 6 watch.

    I'd look online for a replacement battery (eBay), look at ifixit to see if it's an easy fix or ask a local tech repair shop if you sourced the battery would they do the work?
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    Prior to the face popping off, was the battery showing signs of degradation?

    e.g. was it failing to hold its charge, was it's capacity diminished?
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    Local legislation, not some EU waffle, provides statutory facility to claim against premature failure for up to 6 years from when the goods came into your possession, unless you live in Scotland.
    The manufacturer has zero obligation to you; the claim would be presented to the merchant that sold you the sub-standard product.
    At 7 years there is no statutory claim route, regardless of previous repairs / replacements.

    Observational: If the merchant was official Apple UK store, enforcing a statutory or other claim against that merchant would be problematic as it is hilariously not based in UK.
    Not clear why so many people expose themselves to such "premium" farcicalness.
    What are you on about, Apple make it very very clear that UK legislation applies to items bought from their online and retail stores.
    Legal - Apple Products and Consumer Laws in the United Kingdom - Apple
    Yes their office is in Ireland, but the product is being sold from the UK.

    But you are correct the obligation is against the retailer from the original date of purchase, nothing to do with the manufacturer
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    Thanks for the input

    just miffed that apples response was sort of “tough, go away, it’s vintage”, had been fine up to that point.

    yes it sometimes needed charging by the end of the day, but other days was still at 30% battery by bedtime

    will have a look and see if it’s economically worth replacing the battery, it’s still gonna be vintage

    on a slightly different note, anyone had to replace the face on a series 5 Apple Watch?
    any recommendations and was it worth the cost/were the results any good?

    Thanks again for everyone’s input
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