Fact: mail from Hong Kong quicker than from Hertfordshire

    Yeah, go figure. My Hong Kong mail order arrived this morning at my doorstep in Essex, in the process beating a Royal Mail recorded delivery from Hertfordshire!
    Both orders were made at the same time, but my mail can do half a circuit of the world quicker than it can get through Harlow town centre LOL
    This has to be an all time low for Royal Mail, and there isn't even a strike on now. Do yourselves a favour, deliver your Xmas prezzies by hand as your loved ones will be receiving them as BIRTHDAY presents if sent by Royal Mail :giggle:


    How long did the Royal Mail letter take? It should have a postmark.

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    It hasn't arrived yet! Both were ordered last Saturday

    I find the same thing... If I order from play-asia etc... it gets to me faster than a HMV order for example! It's ridiculous!


    It hasn't arrived yet! Both were ordered last Saturday

    Have you tracked it?

    I ordred COD4 from play asia 9days ago, still not come


    Have you tracked it?

    RM tracking doesn't show up until after the item's been delivered...


    RM tracking doesn't show up until after the item's been delivered...

    That's intersesting. :thumbsup:

    OP, could it be that the item you ordered hasn't been sent? It could be the companies fault, and nothing to do with Royal Mail.

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    Well, I have been assured that it was sent at 10.30am last Saturday, so I can only take the sender at his word. That was a replacement, as the original shipment quite simply just never arrived :-(
    Here we go again ...

    Do you have the Royal Mail reference number?

    If you don't, get it from the sender.

    If yes, call 08457 001 200 and ask them to trace it. Call 01752 387 155 if you have geographical inclusive minutes.

    They may help you out.

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    Yeah, i have both tracking numbers. I have been told to fill out a claim form, but that's the sender's job. That's why the sender sent a replacement last Sat, which also hasn't arrived yet.
    I'm betting they will both turn up at once, then i'll have to refuse delivery of one.

    Maybe the place you ordered from is slow.

    can i also add probalbly cheaper as well,a postcard from hong kong will cost 25p to send to the uk!
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