Factory fitted DVD player in Galaxy

Found 11th Dec 2008
Hi Guys,

Is there anyone out there that can help me get a tiny DVD player that fits in centre consol of my car. Fords have quoted me £500 and told me that Visteon doesn't repair.
It all lights up but will not take disc in or play it so do you think anyone else could try and repair it?
Or have you crashed your 54 ish reg Galaxy with this DVD in and want to sell it?
These are quite rare apparently and are much smaller than normal car dvd players.

Any help will be appreciated x
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Try your local scrap yards or even distant scrap yard for one.
you can register for online scrapyards-worth a try?
Give us the model number then
Thanks for help so far peeps but still need someone in the know who can get me one or has one ;-)

I cant see a model number but it looks like this one on visteon uk site

MB-8000 DVD Player .

Fords had it the other day and told me that although it was factory fitted, they'd never seen one let alone repaired one!
hi try ford parts direct
when i had a cougar they had all sorts of odd ball stuff or the could get hold of it and usually cheaper
if not they are Very knowlegable and will hopefully put you on the right track
Anyone have a working 7" monitor in front headrest off a galaxy.
Needd one asap. Kids driving me mad and cant find one anywhere.
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