Posted 17th Jan 2022
I was wondering what kind of stuff people get from factory shops open to the public. Not like discount store ones, the ones where it is located at the factory.

In Carlisle they have a mcvities factory which is open to the public. You can get biscuits there roughly half the price of in discount store.

A huge bag or Crawford biscuits, hobnob bars and a bag of gold bars which was probably double the size of what it is there as we have been eating them all week. All about £2 a bag. I think choc digestives are 50p each etc. It depends on what they have been making as to what is available as slight seconds.

Another factory makes makes ready meals for M&S but only opens to NHS staff. So I haven't included that on here. Again really cheap but you could sicken yourself with the same items they have on offer all the time. Can usually get tubs of mash or veg for 10p a pot there.
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    Fox’s biscuit factory shop in Batley is good.
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    Anonymous User
    Ginsters in callington is always a great place to get a deal on food poisoning
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    farmhouse biscuits factory shop open to public thats in nelson tho cheaper than the shops
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    Which shop is it that is only open to NHS staff?
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