Fad #35: Learning to play the guitar... where to start

OK I've given up on the soldering job for now, and have decided to go back to my guitar. Why have i given up, i believe I left the soldering iron on the components for too long causing them to blow.

Anyway, I've always been a fan of the guitar, i can play power chords but I'm not the greatest at changing between chords.

Maybe I need to start at the beginning. I don't really want to learn how to read music, prefer to read tabs.

I'm also aware that it is better learning on an acoustic because they are less forgiving and if you can play them it makes electric easy.

I have an Electric Guitar (borrowing from a friend) Epiphone

and an Acoustic Guitar, Tanglewood.

I'm going to purchase a muffler thingy for the acoustic and a cappo

So what should I be learning.


To be honest, the most important thing is practicing little & often. It's much better to do 20 minutes a day rather than a 2 hour session once a week. As for songs, just start with tabs from the internet, ones that just have the chords you know & build up from there.


Has tabs as well as videos!

Its what im using to teach myself...can only do 3 chords at mo tho, :oops: lol

Original Poster

I can play a few chords... just like i say pants at change from one to the other... whats the sound dampening tool called for the acoustic guitar


[url]www.justinguitar.com[/url]Has tabs as well as videos!Its what im … [url]www.justinguitar.com[/url]Has tabs as well as videos!Its what im using to teach myself...can only do 3 chords at mo tho, :oops: lol

That guy rocks!!

Mr B uses him to teach himself guitar he's been learning for about 8 years now :lol:

He's dead good at 4 chords though


Good video by Justin Sandercoe to help you improve chord changes. What sort of music do you want to play? because for improving your Barre/power chord changes it can be a lot more frustrating on an acoustic - so as you have both an electric and an acoustic at your disposal then you should really consider what sort of style you want to eventually play.

And the thing you describe is called a soundhole plug/cover or something like that I think, though they are usually used to eliminate feedback from an acoustic/electro acoustic which is being run in to an amp.


Some good starter lessons there.

The important thing to remember is no one was good at changing chords (or doing anything) when they first started, it takes PRACTICE! :thumbsup:
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