Found 10th Sep 2007
Its on now on Channel 4. About bush and the binladen family

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It started at 9pm....

I was watching "how dirty can I get...."

I saw it before, didnt really enjoy it.

Nothing like home grown terrorists :w00t:

Mr Moore isn't too good at making documentaries in my opinion. He may as well film himself pointing at politicians shouting accusations for 2 hours.

I got this Sky+, is it worth watching ?

im into the 9/11 conspiracy's

but i found Fahrenheit 9/11 boring.
Bowling for columbine is good tho
Loose change is a good doc about 9/11

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I got this Sky+, is it worth watching ?

Its worth it its an eye opener.

i went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 out with a girl once, jease what a bad idea that was. loose change is rubbish i think, although i thought it was good until i found out all the info they give is wrong and the supposed facts are nonsense

I think that there are other programmes about 9/11 which are a lot more interesting than Fahrenheit 9/11

Farenheit 9/11 is okay as one person's viewpoint, but it shouldn't be taken as truth. Michael Moore is first and foremost a film-maker - he's making entertainment, not documentary. He is not objective, and will twist everything he can to make it suit his agenda and viewpoint. Rapid-fire editing, images that don't illustrate what he's telling you - there's a lot of "sleight of hand" when it comes to his films.
[SIZE=2]Interesting to watch, but there are plenty of other viewpoints out there that also need to be taken into account.[/SIZE]

let's smoke 'em out.....

Terror Storm is (IMO) a much more informative and frightening offering.…230

Remember though that the only truths are the ones that you have witnessed first hand

I don't doubt that Moore has an agenda, but he does uncover some good points. We will never know the full details of the run up to 9/11, or for that matter Iraq.
The 'little' man knows nothing. He never will. He only knows what the govt wants him know. People like Moore are good for the democratic process.
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