Failed MOT

Posted 15th May 2016
I took my car to Kwik Fit for their £27 MOT and it failed.

The below problems have been stated :
-Stop lamp not working nearside rear & offside rear
-Both Headlamps' aim too high
-Tyre has ply or cords exposed offside front , tyre has sidewall cracks *DANGEROUS*
-Near side rear number plate bulb not working
-Brakes imbalanced across an axle rear*

-Nearside front tyre has cracks
-Nearside rear tyre has cracks , tyre has nail
-Offside rear tyre has cracks

I bought the car as used two years ago and only use it to drive to my local ASDA on a Saturday for shopping. Rest of the week, the car sits on my driveway. I am not sure how all these tyre issues have happened!

I am thinking of replacing all the tyres with branded tyres at a F1 Autocentre garage and then let them do the MOT instead. As I would have already paid them £200 for the tyres, they may be less driven to find non-exisitng faults.
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