Failed uni...Flash advice.

    Failed a couple of modules at uni...

    1 of them is Flash.

    I need to create a menu to link to other flash files.

    Would the easiest way to be use scenes? if so how easy is this to piece together?




    dont flash - you will only attract the attention of the law and end up in more trouble…asp

    lots of tutorials, and one on the main page, "link to external files" would be what you want ?

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    faevilangel;5653922 of tutorials, and one on … of tutorials, and one on the main page, "link to external files" would be what you want ?

    Cheers mate - will have a look at this when flash has downloaded

    Yeah scenes, or if you really want to go low tech then just jump to different parts on the timeline.

    best practice is probably to have an empty movieclip the dimensions of the main window (where you'll display your content) give it an instance name, then use a little action script on your buttons to load the contents of other movieclips into it.

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    Gonna start this now.

    How does this sound for an intro. Zooms into the castle door > click door to enter.

    How easy would it be to add animations to the animation after?

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    Need help on addin an image with transparent background

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    i tried adding these buttons but it said the script had a couple of errors.

    I also had a problem with the background - it kept loopin.

    Would someone be able to add these buttons to my background? - The buttons are in the libray
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