Fair fx card or anything similar

Posted 28th Apr
Hi going away in three weeks to Ibiza and looking for Best rates or a pre paid card do anyone knows of any thanks in advance
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Any prepaid card is good -but the difference between them will be less than 0.2 % - just pick the one you like , 20p per £100 isn't worth fretting about .
Halifax or Post office if you don't want a prepaid.
I’ve used FairFx and WeSwap. Both work great and the rates on all the cards I’ve seen are pretty much exactly the same.
Revolut,monzo,starling are good shouts too
Id choose revolut, monzo or starling over fair fx. They have better apps and a better exchange rate.
The difference between fairfx rate and revolut is usually about £2 per £100. And with fairfx you have to top up minimum £60 when transferring money.

Theres nothing stopping you getting 3 or 4 different cards so you always have a backup if things go wrong.

I got the fair fz card before off Groupon paid £10 and there was £35 credit on it great buy
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