Fairly cheap computer/desktop needed, can anyone advise

    I have just purchased a 17" tft monitor for my old computer which hasnt been used for about 6 months which was going in my sons bedroom.

    The monitor arrived this morning and we have tried to connect it tonight, although it appears the computer is now not working, there is no noise of a fan or whirring, the power light is on and that is it.

    It seems I am now going to have to buy a desktop to go with the monitor! It is only for my son (and he is only 6) but really into computers and loves playing about and can find his way really well. I wanted to encourage him to do this - but not on mine, hence our decision etc.

    We only need it for playing around on really, and I have the MS office to install. We will load the PC games onto it but he will not be needing the internet, although he likes to be on the internet all the while as they teach them at school now! Apart from this info I am not computer literate or technical so dont know how much hard drive etc.

    Any advice on cheap deals would be great, and thanks for the links for the monitor, it looks great!!


    I'm no expert on PC's, but my girlfriend recently purchased this.

    She is very happy with it! In fact I'm using it now and I have to say it seems good value.

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    Thanks BMX for that link.

    I have had a look on the Dell website and found a deal for £269 for a desktop 1100 and includes a 15" tft monitor. I thought I may be able to sell the monitor to bring the price down from £269.

    Can anyone recommend either one over the other (or come up with any more), I am not technically minded at all!
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