Fairly Decent Digital Camera

    Hi Guys,

    We're looking to buy a fairly decent SLR type Digital Camera with min. 6 megapixels, 10 X Optical zoom and a 'proper' viewfinder (i.e. like those on old camera's as I don't like looking at a screen to 'compose' my images).

    I do like Nikon as the build quality of my old camera was much better than on similarly 'spec'd' alternatives (e.g. Canon).

    Can anyone recommend anything?

    Thanks in advance,


    I have a panasonic fz7, its a super camera its won loads of awards. Have a look on this website its great for camera reviews.…tml

    Original Poster

    Thanks Mercurystar999,

    That looks like a great camera. I'm very suprised it's so reasonably priced so will definately consider it.


    I actually got mine in New York. I paid £170 with a 2gb sd and a case! Still its a great camera well worth the money, even if you have to pay a bit more.

    Read some reviews of the models you are considering

    will also give an indication of where the best prices are.

    Try this one.It doesnt have 10x zoom your looking for but it has some fantastic reviews.…_GB

    Funny enough I've got the Konica Minolta Dimage Z6 linked in the second post

    You won't be disappointed with the fz7, its such an easy to use camera and takes really excellent pictures.
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