Fairy Liquid - Sink-top Dispenser

Found 30th Sep 2017
Hi all,

Looking for a reliable dispenser - for fairy liquid - to place near the sink.

Due to intense competition in the washing up liquid market - fairy itself seems to have become thicker and 'more sticky' - as the product has been improved.

We like to have 60% pure fairy original + 40% water in a dispenser - that is placed at the sink. For us - this gives us the best usability.

I'm asking the community to recommend a good dispenser - for this purpose.

My thanks to anyone willing to help.
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You could pour 40% of the bottle away and fill it up with water .....hey presto problem solved
Get a cheap hand wash soap dispenser from a discount shop and use that after you've used the hand wash up.
Thats what we are looking for - a dispenser with a reliable pump mechanism.

The ones we use keep breaking - as the plastic pump mechanisms aren't very hardy.

Looking for a quality solution.
Have a look in TK MAX they have all sorts of good quality odds and sods there
Update: I've found the following - which provides a perfect solution to my original requirements:

Method washing up liquid + refillable dispenser

My sincere thanks to any and all, that contributed to this discussion.

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