fake grass deals

    Anyone got some fake grass codes, noticed carpet rite are now selling it!!! Thanks


    you need to look at quality ... unfortunately you will get what u pay for. .... ... have a look at garden centres, not saying pay their prices , but check feel the quality, and compare . A number of web sites will send free samples .

    where abouts are you

    south west? lol ... the artificial grass isn't any better! lol

    Def need to get samples, they are all so different. We got ours from Great Grass. Had it for 18 months and still looks new after a quick sweep.

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    where abouts are you

    Edinburgh, current grass is like a marsh!! Lol


    Edinburgh, current grass is like a marsh!! Lol

    ​ok so your your grass is water logged? you could just try draining the area? would digging a sump hole full of rubbish , stone bricks help? if you put artificial grass down , to do a proper job, you might have to do this anyway .

    The preparation alone can be very costly.
    A friend had it done (big garden) and needed a few skips loads to remove and prepare the ground as he wanted it done properly, level flat. then hire a compactor, buy membrane layer, tons of sand etc. etc.
    It does look brilliant though and very practical for the kids
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