Fake IPads???

Found 8th Jun 2010
has anyone purchased one of the number of fake IPads?? for instance the smartqV7 or the Moonse E7001????

just wondered what people thought of them?
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Android might be the preffered OS for some. Shaving off so much these could really appeal to many people. Ipad Killer ?
Most of these Android MIDs are pretty slow and don't have manufacturer support, so they are stuck on old builds of Android with no hope of ever getting 2.2 or higher. Obviously these devices depend almost entirely on how good the software is and although Android is good, obviously the higher the version number the better the features get. So some of these devices stuck at 1.5 are pretty much old before there time, although they have a low price tag and still have a lot of capabilities.

If you want something that is amazing though then your only real options are either going the Apple way, maybe a Dell Streak or waiting for the Tegra 2 devices to arrive. Obviously though, you get what you pay for.

I'd rather just use my netbook.

Tend to agree. The only use I would have for one of these is when on holiday and some f.......... would just nick it anyway

How are these items 'Fake' they dont claim to be Ipads and even then the … How are these items 'Fake' they dont claim to be Ipads and even then the Ipad was not the first tablet computer (not that the Ipad is anywhere near being described as a computer)

They look extremely similar and have the same home button
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