Fake Speak Out Game?

Found 22nd Dec 2017

I ordered Speak Out from a deal on Hotuk for £8.99 on Ebay

It's cheap card box that opens at the top and bottom, not like the game style lift off lid that last, this box would be ratty in a few uses and is already crushing even though I have not opened it (you can see the cheap card corrugation in the photos).

I emailed the the seller and he said it's what he get from his supplier and asked if I wanted compensation... That immediately rings alarm bells in my ears.

What do you think am correct to expect a return for this?

(I've ordered the proper thing for £11 on Amazon for delivery Sunday)

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get a refund and report to ebay
At first glance I thought they were spiders on your bed! But then I noticed they were flowers and order was restored in the world
Yeah it's fake. Some of the Chinese site had them for about £2 earlier this year.
Faking boardgames I've see it all now!
All these board game have got to be able to sell in a shop we're people can see and touch the item, if you saw that rubbish box with lose fitting plastic wrap and an image on the front which doesn't cover the front would you buy it? Plus it's meant to be Hasbro so should be spot on.
EBay, when will people learn.
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