fakeTV in retailers?

    I need to find out where faketv (a thing which projects a fake tv to pretend theirs someone in the house - a burglar deterrant or similar to faketv.

    Really wanna spend £30 or less

    but i need it in person and from a retailer.

    i.e. collection from a shop. Can't wait for post


    I remember seeing this idea rejected on dragons den-they actually got it made then?

    now thats a neat idea :thumbsup:


    £25.08 here 350206981170 E4by delivered

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    Hi guys, i specifically need it in person from a shop. I can't wait for post

    The annoying thing is gizoo sell it and they are in nottingham BUT they dont allow collection due to stupid bs insurance excuse

    Can I be really nosey & ask why its needed so urgently?

    Just that this is likely to be effective in the winter months when the flickery lighty thingy is visible but less so at the moment when its light well into the evening?

    If you need something like this right away you could rig up an old portable telly (? with brightness turned up a bit) to a timer switch - you'd get the sound then too! :thumbsup:

    how bizarre never seen one of those

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    [QUOTE=Tomb;5582448]Can I be really nosey & ask why its needed so urgently?

    i left things to last minute thats why :P

    Just get a cardboard cutout of a footballer and a hornby train set. Did you learn nothing from watching Home Alone?!

    These are actually really easy to spot, they are too obvious the sequence of flashing is very repetative and is quite different to a TV.

    They are best used in an upstairs bedroom rather than a lounge, if you are going to use them.

    just leave a tv on

    just clicked on the link look at the picture of the so called thief looking up at the window i bet hes thinking look someones on a sunbed????
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