Fallout 3 - Is GOTY Version worth it?

    Looking to get this on PS3 and was wondering if it was worth spending the extra to get the GOTY version? Thank you in advance


    in terms of is it cheaper than downloading the dlc off your ps3, then yeah its worth it.

    in terms of is the dlc any good, then its definitely worth it....some of the dlc is brill, better than the original campaign IMO

    The GOTY edition is most effective way of getting the DLC.
    However, if you're not going to spend 50 hours finishing the main game, the DLC is probably not worth getting.

    As you can pick up Fallout 3 for aprox £10 in various places/offers, may be worth dipping your toe in first and then upgrading.
    AFAIK the DLC in the GOTY edition can be used with your saves from the original game

    Personally i cant get enough of Fallout 3, played 150 hours+, been good, been evil and had great time!

    The only ones I ain't done yet is Broken Steel (which I'm looking forward to, cause I've heard it's supposed to be good) and Mothership zeta (which is probably like the rest - nothing special)

    So if you want the vanilla on the cheap then go for it, but if you do decide you want the expansions at a later date be prepared to be ripped off if you get them via PSN.
    If memory serves each DLC is £7.99! So x5 is.....well you do the math!:-D

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    Thank you for your help with this guys. Will go for it and by the GOTY. Cheers again

    Closed @ ops request, thanks

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