Fallout 3 (PS3) - steelbook edition??

Found 15th Dec 2008

Did a steelbook version of Fallout 3 ever get released? I get so confused, Game did their own exclusive L.E. and then you had the lunchbox version.

But did a steelbook ever come out?

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I don't think there was one, just the standard, collectors and the limited (GAME's). None of which were steelbook
aww, boo!

aww, boo!

Nope, no Steelbook edition.

The ]GAME Exclusive Limited Edition contains the standard version of the game (with manual), plus a Brotherhood of Steel Power Armor figurine, packaged in a cardboard outer sleeve.

The official ]Collector's Edition has the game & manual, the "head-knocker" of 'Vault Boy', a DVD ("The Making of Fallout 3"), & the concept art ("The Art of Fallout 3") hardcover book. It is presented in a 'Vault-Tec' lunch box.

PS. The US also got treated to an ]Amazon.com Exclusive Survival Edition that includes all of the items from the Collector’s Edition plus concept art ("The Art of Fallout 3") hardcover book, & a life-size replica of the "Pip-Boy 3000" (the wrist-mounted device worn by characters in-game).


PS. I just purchased the PS3 Collector's Edition in-store in GAME for £19.99 (marked down from £39.99).
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