Fallout 3 Strategy Guide

    I'm just wondering if anyone knows if I can get Fallout 3 Guide for less than £10.99? It doesn't have to be brand new, I was just looking for a cheap guide (not following a guide online) so I can run through the game.

    Any help appreciated


    Have you checked the wikia - everything you need to know about the game is on here and FREE!…t_3

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    Thanks for that, normally I'd use the internet for any guides I need, but for this game I want the guide book.

    It's a bit easier to reference and it also means I don't need the laptop on every time I want to look at the guide.

    No worries - I've owned reference guides before and personally find it easier to do a keyword search and pick up references rather than have to thumb through a guide. You've also got to appreciate that any guides that were released when the game was first out will be inaccurate, since there's quite a lot of DLC available for it now.

    My local game store was selling them for £4.99 instore, maybe worth phoning if you have a local store as think they were getting rid of older strategy guides as the also had GTA for £5

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    Xb0xGuru - You're right about referencing text quicker, I'm sure with the maps infront of me that will be a fair bit quicker than the laptop too. You're also right about the inaccuracy due to the DLC - being a PS3 owner I don't believe that affects me just yet. Our time will come

    NFS - That's a good shout, I'll try that at some point during the week and see how far I get. HMV near me were doing all game guides for £1 a while back trying to clear stock, by the time I got there I could only get MGS4 guide. It's still in its celophane wrapper! Oh well, it was only a £1.
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