Found 22nd Mar 2010
Ok, finally got round to playing Fallout 3 on 360 at the weekend.

Anyone got any tips, strategy?

I've looked online and most people say 'save ammo' or 'don't get killed' - not very helpful.

Anyone got any goods tips about what order to do the quests in? Or where abouts 'Ian' is near the water? That sort of stuff
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in the first town you come to, set off the bomb

Your joking right?
if you want bad karma
get dogmeat and the alien weapon as soon as you can

No, i've always wanted to know what happens if you do :thumbsup:

You get a nicer place in a good hotel! And more caps!

You get a nicer place in a good hotel! And more caps!

Until the ghouls get at it :thumbsup:

I'm tempted to reload it just to see if your fibbing

Im not I promise, although obviously you get bad karma.

Until the ghouls get at it :thumbsup:

set off the bomb in the town, move into the Towers, Take Crowley's assignment and kill Tenpenny, then move in the Ghouls. :thumbsup:
i only played fallout 3 for an hour. Should have given it more time, might buy it when its like under £10 in a bargain bin
invaluable resource ]here but try not to let it rule the game for you - it's ideal for info, but will obviously have spoilers
My main tip is to not do what I did- get halfway through the game and then stop playing for a few months. I found it impossible to pick it back up at the point I'd left it. I'd forgotten where everything was, what the hell I was in the middle of doing etc...
The best thing to do is don't throw yourself straight in to the missions, go round a bit and kill people to gain ammo, weapons, armour and stuff you can sell to build up your caps. That's a good way to increase your XP and take some great perks and improve your stats. A good place to start is the school in springvale (obv when you have come out of 101) Another place to go to do this is the Super Duper Mart. If you choose to help Moira with the book then you can do these tasks quite early on. Hope this helps.

Oh, and if you want to play with good karma....best not detonate the bomb in Megaton
Thanks for all the tips.

I decided earlier on to play it as a nice guy (good karma) however I'm finding it increasingly difficult to maintain this with the short supply of ammo around.
I'm think it would be better to simply kill everyone and get their ammo and weapons!

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