Found 28th Dec 2009
Does anybody agree with me when I say that fallout 3 on the xbox 360 is the best game of all time? I mean the add on packs for this game are simply awsome I think I have been playing 50 hours plus of this game and still no where near completing the game plus all add on packs. Any comments appreciated thanks


Does it wipe the floor with Farcry 2? I think I need to trade Farcry 2, still struggling to get into it, think I'll prefer the story of Fallout!

It does wipe the floor with farcry 2

But then again everygame does

Farcry 2 was terrible


It does wipe the floor with farcry 2But then again everygame doesFarcry 2 … It does wipe the floor with farcry 2But then again everygame doesFarcry 2 was terrible

I read opposing reviews of it a lot. I sometimes enjoy it then othertimes just find it too time consuming just getting from place to place. Will definately try getting Fallout sometime!

We got Fallout 3 GOTY edition. Have yet to get past the song at the beginning. What sort of game is it? Is it like the COD games ie running around doing lot of shooting.

Nah oblivion was much better.

I couldn't get into Fallout 3, I remember a few months before its release I was excited because it sounded like a really good storyline....however, I found it to be just like Oblivion just in a different setting - felt like I'd already played the game before.

Farcry 2 I hated at first, however, a little patience and it was just alright - nothing spectacular.

Disagree strongly - I have had Fallout since last Christmas and hardly played it - Hard to get into and keep motivated, rather boring to be honest and pretty dismal (I'm aware it's set in an apocalyptic era but still).

I'll try to force myself to play it eventually, but meh.

Agree with meadsy just couldnt get into but my mates swear its the best game they have played.

waiting for fallout GOTY to go £20 then will jump in

totally the best game ever on 360, closely followed by oblivion (which was top before fallout)
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