Fallout 4 owned???

Found 24th Jan
I just turned on my xbox and saw that fallout 4 was in this week’s deals. When I looked though it said I owned the base game, which to my knowledge I don’t? I’ve owned a physical copy which I installed on my original xbox, but now I own the X and have never purchased it digitally? Anyone else can check to see if they also ‘own’ fallout 4 without buying it?
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With your Xbox Live Gold, play this game for free or buy it to own.

Maybe it's a trial? Or free to play for a certain time?
Just scoured my ms account and I’ve definitely never bought it, but the purchase date on the store page is the last time I renewed xbox live! Been thinking about repurchasing this since I got an x. Glad I didn’t now!
it's just free play days, you don't own it.
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