Fallout New vegas Freezes at entrance to the strip.... happenignt o anyone else??

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Found 23rd Nov 2010
Hey All

I have been playing the new fallout for about 10 hours now doing quest after quest with very little problem... it glitched on me once, so i turned it off and on again and everything was fine.

But now I cant seem to go through the doors into the strip. Every time, and i mean every single time, I tried to walk through the door, the load screen appears, disappears and I am left with a black screen.

Has this happened to anyone else?? What do you do in this situation??? Complain to the makers??

I was in the strip once but anytime I try to go back it just goes to a black screen. It has really annoyed me soo much because I love the fallout franchise and now I have a really bad taste in my mouth over this. Just really really poor to release a game that has so many game ending bugs.

Thanks all

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