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    Hi im considering buying fallout for the xbox 360 but with cod 5 out very soon i dont want to regret buying fallout out,i wasnt very good at call of duty 4,whts falloput like online?thanks



    there is no online for fallout its a single player game

    if you like oblivion then you'll like this

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    didnt know that


    GOW 2 friday wait for that

    No 1 son got Fallout on Friday , day it came out, he is still installed in his bedroom playing it, only comes out for food, so I would say it's worth buying.

    very very very good game. it is a clone of oblivion, the best RPG ever, made by the same people, but tweaked to make it better (if that was possible.) it's a must have for any RPG fans

    I got fallout for £29 from sainsburys. I don't normally like this sort of game but after the great reviews i thought i would give it a go. Brilliant game if you can get the first 2 hours out of the way its quite action packed. I havent brought a game in 6 months and this gears and cod5 are out within 3 weeks of each other

    It's great.. can't stop... must get back to playing...


    im gonna get it for christmas, will be playing gow2 too much soon

    It was third time lucky in my case! I was bitterly disappointed with both Far Cry 2 and Fable II so it was truly a relief when I realised how engrossed I had become in the world of Fallout 3.

    As mentioned above, its brilliance really starts to shine through after a couple of hours. Despite playing for 10 hours I don't think I've yet pursued any of the main story objectives, instead roaming the wastelands in search of my own adventure. It's not a game for everyone and I'd avoid heading into it expecting a typical FPS. You'll also need plenty of free time to invest in the experience.

    Has anyone started a Fallout 3 appreciation thread? I'd be curious to know what people decided to do with their stats. I also need to know if anyone else has unexpectedly encountered moments of sheer terror
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