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    Hi All

    I am thinking of upgrading the car from 3 door polo for and suv or golf. Having another baby in few months so polo is not going to be sufficient for 2 kids.

    my budget is around £8000 and was thinking of getting suv such as:

    Sportage, Qashqai or a vw golf.

    What do people think. Also is it better to go straight to main dealer rather than autotrader etc.

    I have seen leasing deals on here which go hot but im after an automatic car so they come up to be expensive. With kids messing up the interiors would you guys go for lease? Are they particular about condition of the car when returning.

    Thanks for the help



    Stay away from leasing. As for the cars you are looking at, I would say the Sportage with its warranty (but the seats are not the most comfy). If you are looking at mainly short trips then go for a petrol...maybe the 1.2tsi engine in the vw/audi/skoda/seat makes (possibly a vw golf plus or skoda yeti).

    for a family car which might be subjected to baby liquids, i would avoid leasing as you may find yourself with problems when trying to return it at the end of the lease, not to mention you would then be concerned about every slight bit of damage.

    for £8k you could get a decent used sportage. with the 7 year warranty (assuming it is transferable?) its a fairly safe purchase. the Qashqai is a popular car but in my opinion, i'm not sure why as it seems overpriced and no better than rivals.

    you'll likely get more for your money on autotrader through private sales or small dealers compared with main dealers. for that budget i'd recommend dealers as you'll have some comeback if it turns out to be a lemon. look on autotrader to find market value then approach a dealer who has a car in stock with the info.
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    I've got a 1 yo and a 3 yo and lease a Qashqai. No problems here. What are you expecting your children to do?

    You are allowed fair wear and tear and if you find the BVRLA guide online some of the images that they show as acceptable are pretty lenient.

    If you treat it as your own you'll be fine.

    We have the 1.2 turbo petrol and it's pretty gutless mind you.

    Got to be the golf if u want bigger q3 or tiguan. Dodge the qashqai

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone for comments.

    I've looked on auto trader for sportage and with 40k miles automatic past 2010 plate it's all around 10k and above and similar for qashqai.

    Qashqai seem to generate mixed views on the forums as well. However soortagw is consistent.

    I guess I'll keep looking for sportage good deal along with golf and see which one comes up.
    I am hoping buggies will fit in golf better than polo.

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