Family Day Pass for just £1.50 for toilet facilities in Scarborough - treat the mother in law for a day out!

    Thought I would share this offer with you as it seems like it could be quite a good deal for those of us that may have family members with weak bladders.

    Scarborough Borough Council are now offering a Family Day Pass for just £1.50 which allows the use of all 6 of the town's public conveniences for you and all your family members!! Now this is truly a bargain considering it is normally 40p per adult per visit, and 10p per child. There seemed to be no restriction on how many family members you could include, you had to ask the attendant for further details the poster said, so perhaps there is a catch.

    Please note though, whilst using the one on the seafront by the lifeboat place there was a large notice above all of the sinks stating 'these sinks are not to be used to bathe children or wash feet, please use the showers', so if you are considering a day out and washing your children in the sinks, think again you could be charged extra!!

    Tickets may be purchased from the public convenience near to the Lifeboat station from a friendly chap in the kiosk there. Have fun!


    Worth going to Scarborough just for that!! lol


    Worth going to Scarborough just for that!! lol



    I always hated paying 10p to go into the toilets which, quite frankly stunk of wee and was not maintained, much like scarbough it self actually

    Put the best of British to manage the toilets in UK. We all deserve plenty more toilets everywhere. Provide ever more toilets for the disabled. Toilet facilities managers up and down the country should be educated to learn that a female takes longer time than a male when using the toilets. They should do reality checks to see for themselves the longer queues outside female toilets. Therefore the capacity of the women's toilet should be at least 6 times that for the men's toilet. All toilet managers who decide on the number of cubicles should have an independent maths test , even when they have A grade in A level maths, to demonstrate they are able to calculate the number of cubicles required is dependent on the frequency multiplied by the length or duration of a range of pissing times.

    Toilets are cheap to run well. They cost no more than 0.001% of the country's gross national product. In a town where there are more coffee shops than public toilets, more charity shops than public toilets etc. there must be something wrong. If these well educated people could put men on the moon, they should be more than able to put men in the bog. They are always afraid of the toilets being vandalised. Well if they did not have skills to control the vandals they would not have enough skills to control the terrorist. Toilets should be deep cleaned just like the standard in hospitals. All use of toilets should be free as a tool to keep Britain tidy and clean. More toilets also provide more employment.

    Surely this is taking the pi** ?

    Sorry couldn't resist.

    this should be in the deals section cos i want to vote it HOT
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