Family Enclosure question at Wembley

Found 28th Nov 2012

There are 5 of us looking to go Wembley and the cheapest tickets are in the family enclosure. Could we purchase 5 adult tickets and 1 junior ticket with the junior not turn up because he has 'homework', or do we have to have a junior with us?
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Must have a junior with you, up to you if you wana risk it. Expect to get rejected though
No you need a child per ticket ideally. I phoned them to ask this for the Ukraine match in sept as we couldn't go as I had an op and wanted to sell to my mate to get my money back. They said you need the child and its a one to one ratio unless its mum and dad. I.e. if you take a child it's only two adults and should be parents. You would not be allowed in as 5 adults and 1 child!
Damn! It also says I have to pay a further £75 to become an official england fan...screw that! Football is so expensive nowadays
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