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Posted 24th Feb
Evening all,

Bit of a specific question but I know we’re a diverse lot on here...

We’re doing a week at Disneyland Paris in the summer and would like to add on a couple of days at the end to explore Paris. The city itself is a bit of a trek from Disney (around an hour on the train) so I was wondering if anyone is able to recommend any family friendly hotels nearer the centre?
What would have been a 10 minute booking job 10 years ago has suddenly become quite daunting with 8, 4 and 1 year old girls in tow! We’d also have the car so some kind of parking is a must too.

Or if anyone has ventured into Paris from the Disney area I‘d love to know how easy you found it?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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Hi, you haven't specified a budget, but I assume as reasonable as possible. Paris hotels are notorious for small rooms, so if you are a family of 5 perhaps AirBnB might be a better answer.You can filter for ones with parking. I gave up on city hotels with the family and rented apartments as a better bet, pre AirBnB days. Paris is no worse to drive in than London, so congested that nothing moves that fast. Parking, unsurprisingly is expensive. Decent satnav prevents stress. Like London, might be best to dump the car in a carpark and use the good public transport.
Tbh, if you have a hotel near Disneyland with parking, IMO, an hour on the train for a couple of days sounds much preferable to trying to drive anywhere inside the Paris orbital motorway. The Paris Metro is pretty good and you can get a carnet of tickets or a day pass and make life a lot easier. Lots of info on options on the RATP website or…htm

"Children under age 4 travel free. Kids from ages 4 through 9 pay the full adult fare for single tickets, but a children's carnet of 10 tickets is half price, so it pays to plan ahead."…88f
Hi, stayed here 4 years ago with family, very good and pretty central - hope this helps!
Thanks a lot for your responses guys, really useful and much appreciated!
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