Family mobile plan?

Found 20th Apr 2011
I've come to that point in my life where I have myself, wife, and 4 kids - all but one have a mobile. 2 of us are on contract that 3 are on PAYG. The 6th phone is likely to be added soon.

The kids on PAYG are starting to get uppity that that have no data or text plans so I start looking into this... and it is looking like I'll be on a minimum of £100 a month to cater for us all !

So are there any mobile companies that do decent call, text and data tariffs?

Usage will be low (even on my own I'm lucky to push 100MB a month). Ideally some kind of combined tariff across all the mobiles allowing calls, texts and data - but I don't really want to pay more than 50-60 a month...

Any thoughts?

Thanks all.
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giff gaff worth a look uses the 02 network Get 250 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited Internet for only £10 a month.

if you can convince them they don't need data look at icardmobile uses voda network

ps gigg gaff have a referral scheme that you might be able to make use of for multiple accounts

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Pop into a Vodafone store and ask about their 'Household' plans... I have one and it's great for the kids.
If you have the phones, take a look at the SIM only deals from either Tesco Mobile or 3.

Both of these guys have awesome deals on 1 month contracts 20 mins, 5000 txts, 500MB data all for £10 per month.

Wouldn't be a group deal, but would come in on budget?
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