Family pc.

Found 21st Feb
Looking for a family pc that can play The Sims .
Budget up to about £500.
Our eldest son has a very powerful one but everyone wants to use it, so to stop everyone arguing we are looking for a new one.
Any advice would be great.
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the sims 4/3/2/1?
is that budget for ewverything as well as the eg (i.e. monitor, keyboard & mouse)?
Sims 4. Yes everything if possible.
You want to buy a pre-built machine?
Which ever is best.
Well I couldn't help you then probably. I only know about pre-built machines. If you build it yourself it will be cheaper btw. Someone else with more expertise with shops that sell components can help you with that.
look at the graphics card min spec. It may only be 2gb card needed so you more than likely can get a old quad core base with ram ect for under £250 and then buy keyboard ect for under £120
Use ukpcpartpicker to put together a spec at the price you can afford. Try starting with the recommended system specs on the game you want to run, if you have available budget then upgrade the processor, ram and graphics.
rtmlk21st Feb

These are actually really good value. This one would smash the sims and more! I purchased an alienware laptops from these in the past and had no issues. Even had Dell warrenty on it still.
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