familymobile voicemail not working on iphone

    hi just ported my phone number over to ikea family mobile network , but for some reason or another i cant get my voicemail to work on my iphone 2g ? has anyone else experienced the same problem or any similar problems using their iphones with family mobile network ?>??

    just spent 2 hours on the phone talkin to family mobiles tech support but to no avail ... they cut me off in the end


    I have my number ported over from Virgin to Family Mobile. Everything I need works to far. GPRS for surfing, picture messaging and calls. Not used voice mail so not set it up. Have you tried setting up voice mail with another phone?

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    solution found ...
    theirs no menu aided option to activate voicemail forwarding on the iphone its all done by key shortcuts on the iphones phone number dialler

    my familymobile voicemail access number is +44051(+mobile number - 0 at the begginning)

    You can set the call diversion when unanswered using

    That is, to divert to the voicemail after 6 rings, you enter
    where 321 is the voicemail access number and it waits for 20s and is about 6 rings. I think you can set it to 10 (3 rings), 20 (6 rings), 30 (9 rings), etc.

    To disable it, you dial ##61#.
    To check, you dial *#61#.

    Replace 61 with
    - 21 for all calls
    - 62 for unreachable
    - 67 for busy
    Oh, and remember to remove the * for these as there's no timeout (ringing) involved.
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