Fancy Dress - Help

    I am going to a fancy dress party and the theme is 'Occupations'.
    I need something that will be cheap and hopefully different to the others.

    Anyone got any good ideas or know any cheap costume sites?

    Please help me.
    Will reward with rep.
    =] x



    Original Poster

    ooh,, i like them,, not too revealing or expensive either

    thanking you =] x

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    lol i don't think my boyfriend will be happy if i went as a stripper,, he isnt happy with the idea as it is lol


    go in your work clothes?

    DR, nurse, secretary, zoo keeper, Mc Donalds (different!), police, flight attendant..........?…htm

    Original Poster

    i don't have a work uniform lol

    i like the miss massage and flight attendant ideas tho

    =] x

    Bank robber....pair of tights on your head!!! Cheap as chips


    gotta be a cheerleader, MM




    maybe not looking like her but im sure you'll look better lol

    A lot more fun if you borrow or make your own. One of the best parties I went to was a bad taste party. The rules were as many colours in one outfit as possible and nothing was allowed to match. Cheap as chips.

    Friend is a priest, I am an atheist but looked great in his frock and collar. Another friend went in her brothers oily boiler suit (he is a mechanic) and she is normally a pristine sharp dresser in suits and lots of make up, she even made her face look grubby. Nobody thought she would do it.
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