fancy dress tonight - wat to be??

    im goin out 2nite, fancy dress, dunno wat to do tho, i want it be simple.



    male or female or????

    I once went as George Melly....trouble was not many knew who he was..also went as Andy Pandy and that worked.

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    i am a male

    :giggle: Stick a postage stamp in the middle of your forehead & go as

    "First class mail " :giggle: (male)

    action man? combat trousers, vest and some camoflage makeup, bandana?

    any spare xmas paper?
    use it up as a xmas gift or cracker


    Go as a Rubik's Cube... dress in as many colours as you can and then ask people to swap clothes with you at the party - try to end up with just one colour on you...


    any spare xmas paper? use it up as a xmas gift or cracker:santa:

    stick a bow on too and say your "gods gift to women"

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    i have this costume **********

    but my head is too big for the hat. lol. any ideas of wat i could be with the costume???

    This is naughty but you could go naked except a pair of black gloves, black socks and hold your wotsit between your legs . Voila ! 5 of spades

    ( That's if you have black hair !!!! )

    four of spades if you have no hair!!

    Ace of spades if you have hair,but no hands or feet.:whistling:
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