Fancy getting your your car to pay for its own petrol

    Fancy getting your your car to pay for its own petrol as well as easily find it in any car park…………jpg

    How it works:…asp

    Do I Qualify:

    The following requirements are set up to insure driver and advertiser safety.

    Owner/Drivers must:

    #possess a full and valid driving licence;
    #be able to show proof of vehicle ownership;
    #have valid motor insurance for the vehicle;
    #have a current MOT certificate (if applicable) for the vehicle;
    #have valid Road Tax.
    #not have had any at-fault accidents in the past 12 months.
    #never have received a conviction for Drinking & Driving.
    #sign a contract outlining their responsibilities and conduct during the term of an advertisement.
    #ensure the vehicle intended for Ad Placement is in good condition.
    #supply and maintain the vehicle in a clean condition.
    #agree to random spot-checks during the AdsOnCars campaign.
    #complete and submit the online enrolment form and should print and keep their personalised agreement.
    #allow an AdsOnCars representative to check, once a month the mileage and the advertisement.
    #notify us of major changes in driving habits, eg. a new job causing a very different commute or significant change in the amount of miles travelled be prepared to increase their annual income by ££££s without changing their daily routines!
    #be proud to have been selected by a major Brand to carry their ad. Your car, your location and your good driving record are just some of the reasons you have been chosen.

    To Register:…asp

    The registration fee of £15 is currently being waived, so it is FREE TO ENROL , this is for a limited period only.

    You will be PAID (up to £200) or offered FREE PETROL for every full month you have an Ad on your car.

    NB You DO NOT have to accept a particular advert if you have any objection to the product.

    - acecatcher3


    Didn't know there was ever a fee. Where does it say that?

    Original Poster


    Didn't know there was ever a fee. Where does it say that?

    near the bottom of:
    How it works:…asp under "Does it cost me anything?"
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