Fancy swapping my PES 2009 for your FIFA 09 for the weekend?

    Hi I have a copy of PES 2009 for the xbox 360 but I keep hearing all the debate about which game is better, so I thought I try swapping the game for FIFA - just for the weekend to decide for myself.

    So is there anyone who wants to try PES 2009? If so, I will send my PES 2009 by next day devlivery and I would expect FIFA 09 for xbox 360 or Ps3 to be sent next day delivery as well, in time for the weekend.

    Then if the parties agree and like their swapped games they can make the swap permanent. But both of us have to agree. If either of us doesnt agree, the game should be sent back on monday morning as well.

    Anyone up for it?


    Nope, I could probably sell Fifa and get Pro Evo for the same amount as 2 lots of next day delivery would cost.

    cant you just go to Blockbutsers and hire it out? a little more I know, but much more quicker!

    Just rent it then if you like PES 09 better you can keep it !

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    not with blockbuster and dont really wana join them then pay rental fees :oops:

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    mods can you please close.


    mods can you please close.

    Just press "Expired" at the top.

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    thanks my good man
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