Fantasy Football Team Name

    Looking for something funny/slightly rude but not too much for the name to get removed as it is a schools fantasy football...

    Something along the lines of Norfolk Enchance or Urine Trouble....




    Balls cratcher X1

    Hoof Hearted, Inter Yermaw, Real Sosobad, Barearselona, Sporting Abeergut

    Multiple Scoregasms

    Original Poster

    Inter Yamam has already been taken...

    But i like the last one..... :giggle:


    Hoof Hearted, Inter Yermaw, Real Sosobad, Barearselona, … Hoof Hearted, Inter Yermaw, Real Sosobad, Barearselona, [SIZE="4"][SIZE="5"]Sporting Abeergut[/SIZE][/SIZE]


    Surreal Madrid



    Thanks, unfortunately all so true:whistling:

    Sporting Abeergut

    This is the best one, I lol'd and lol'd at it :-D

    Sofa King Good FC

    Sex at her city
    Sex at her palace

    Hack N Sucker

    Ajax Trees Down


    Steua Sookabrest

    Shaktar Senseless



    AC A Little Silhouette Of Milan

    Original Poster

    Had Multiple Scoregasms. BUT THEN I FOUND OUT IT HAS BEEN TAKEN :x

    some of the above would get taken off very quickly. And the last one wouldn't fit :giggle:

    Original Poster

    Is now - Gary Glitter's U16's

    suffolk & watt

    Original Poster

    I need another one... for a world cup fantasy football..

    I had CheeRIO

    then changed to i 1 2 4 q - but apparently that isn't allowed :-(

    I want something in the middle of them 2, not allowed to be rude :?

    Irish You was Here

    Original Poster


    Irish You was Here

    :giggle: thats pretty good - But i dont wish they were there though...

    Real sosobad

    Grampus 8 My Hamster
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