FAO Currychops (or any other butt lover)

    Had this email from TopCashback:
    Hi There ,
    Sorry to bother you again but this is brilliant...
    We have a very interesting offer for you... we hope this doesn't offend but here at TopCashBack we thought this was a such a fun and fascinating offer we simply had to give you the opportunity to join in.

    Basically, we will pay you £1.40 for you to upload a picture of your bottom (to Sloggi - not to us please! )...and on top of that you will be in with the chance of winning £6,500 and a lucrative modelling contract. To qualify for the cashback, you simply have to click through to Sloggi from TopCashBack before uploading your photo.

    This is for girls and guys and you don't have to bear all - in fact Sloggi just want you to dress to impress in your best undies, and you don't have to show your face, just see some of the examples on their site.

    This offer is open to anyone aged 18 and over.Link to offer at TopCashback:……htm
    We would love someone from the UK to win this competition so please send this onto all of your friends and family (and of course the girl or guy next door), I'm sure it will give them a giggle and make them reach for their camera!

    Why not have a competition amongst your friends and let the rest of the world decide which of you has the rear of the year....what better way to enjoy these long, hot summer days ;-)

    Link to Sloggi,where you butt lovers can just ogle the bums if that is all you want to do:……g=6 &
    One for the guys to watch out for:……jpg
    Plenty for you girls as well:……jpg

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    Whatever made you consider that I had a butt fetish bazr....I have enough to be going on with bosoms and legs !!.LOL....still every little helps and I was unable to resist a visit to the website....yes some nice pics so thanks for the link.
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