FAO Those with HP PHOTOSMART Printers...


    Hi there, I have been wanting some "HP CD Tattoos" (Basically they are glossy cd labels which you can print on and then stick on to DVD and CD media). Most photosmart printers come with a sample of these. They are in a plastic sleeve, and about 10"x4" paper with a circle on it!

    I would be willing to pay postage and a little more for those who are willing to give them away to me. I really need them to finish a nice DVD, from a holiday to Mexico.

    Need about 6 - i think each sample pack contains around 4-5.

    PLEASE HELP ME. I'm sure some of you kind people will :-) Will leave rep, and cover all postage costs as explained via paypal (gift) or bank transfer :-)



    cant you but them :?

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    cant you but them :?

    No, or i would. Been looking about everywhere. One place has some left however not paying £10 to deliver 15 pieces of paper!!

    They are now discontinued by HP.

    There should be plenty of samples about out there that people aint going to use ...i Hope :thumbsup:

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    Yep, however can't get them in the UK.

    they have loads on net ... misco have them they order them to order.

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    Wouldn't call it loads, and at just under £11 for 15 (which is more than i need) bit pointless imho.

    Will hope that there will be some kind HDUKers out there.

    Thanks for the info though. :thumbsup:

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    Actually, all those suppliers are out of stock.. or awaiting stock - which they won't get! Hmmm :-(

    There was 6 packs sold for £15 on ebay the other day :-( Wish i had saw them.


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    I never got any with my printer.

    There are some here £9.50 delivered for 15 (says in stock)


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    I never got any with my printer.There are some here £9.50 delivered for … I never got any with my printer.There are some here £9.50 delivered for 15 (says in stock)]

    Thanks nice spot. Wasn't in stock the other day on amazon though any sellers.

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    ARGHHH! Finding this a nightmare to find any.

    Ordered through that seller, but order has just been canceled - 4 days later. Grrrrr
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