FAO Wanny1 and others from the massive thread of nonsense.

    There was a genuine reason for the delay, and i've recieved a full refund so i don't see any reason to ostracise wanny1,

    Thanks to everyone for their help and advice on the matter, i appreciate it and will be dishing out rep shortly

    @ Wanny1 - I didn't have a mobile number in any messages from you, i'm just glad to get it sorted and i'll be happy to leave you positive feedback now, i didn't intend for the thread to drag on i just wanted some advice and to get your attention, ii hope you're feeling better.

    Mods feel free to lock this or move to misc i just wanted to clear everything up and the other thread was locked =)


    Glad you got your refund :thumbsup:

    didnt wanny get suspended for listing a lite-on flashing service not for what he said was "unjustified" in the other thread? all a bit confusing when people get suspended so often round here. Myself included.…e=2


    and u just have to type wanny1 into the search bar above to see lots of people not happy, going more than 2 months back..

    I did see quite alot of hate towards wanny1 in that thread, I do understand why but some of it did cross the line a bit. It's all in the past and you have fortunately got your money back, I'd be PRETTY annoyed too if the same thing happened to me but gladly you got it back :thumbsup:


    and they all lived happily ever after:-D

    If you read the original post I doubt you'd be saying


    I saw it, but I was busy at the time and it looked too epic to read:p

    It was epic alright,....lots of dummys getting spat out, toys flung out the pram and knitting needles thrown in the


    I can imagine, pretty standard thread then,lol:-D

    Yep, was just heating up and getting funnier when it got locked :-(

    I was then forced to read the 'HUKD Female 2009 Calendar' thread instead :-D

    ah good news, i did think wanny was genuine, he has good feedback on this site


    hahahahaha, now did you read the posts or scan through for the pics?:p

    lol..didnt mess about...(no pun intended, and not at first!, obviously scanned thru for the pix.... :-D
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