Found 26th Oct 2008
I need to open a terminal using another terminal, does anyone know the command?

"Use the bash command to run a child shell and use the ps command from within this. Identify the PID and PPID (Process ID and Parent PID) of the child shell. Use the exit command and repeat."

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Depends on your install what the terminal(s) are called. In Ubuntu/ Gnome-based distros use 'gnome-terminal'. 'xterm' is usually also installed but is more basic.

You need to be a lot more specific about the setup are you using, which distro is it based on and what desktop interface are you using if you are not using a command line only. Why are needing to run the separate terminal, is it due to needing elevated privileges or something else?


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thanks for the replys guys, i got it fixed in the end.
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